Solo Tantric Practices

1. What is Solo Tantric Practice?

The Taoist Solo Practices can be likened to learning and practicing your musical scales of sexual energy so that you can improvise in the bedroom and create a tantric lifestyle that energises you.

Now regardless of the gender of your body, we all have Masculine and Feminine energies flowing through us that need to be cultivated, circulated, channelled, and regenerated on a daily basis.

Recommended for:

Anyone wanting to achieve Virtuosity in the bedroom or in life, whether in a female or a male body.

For those in male bodies – to calm performance anxiety that leads to premature ejaculation and to develop your sexual self-sufficiency to prevent co-dependent neediness.

For those in female bodies, to raise libido improve orgasm, enhance self love and cultivate sexual sovereignty.

2(a) Yin Solo Tantra

The Yin Solo Practices cultivate and balance the Feminine energy that all of us have regardless of the gender of our bodies. It is what enables us to unconditionally love ourselves, others and life as it is so we can keep our hearts open to receive the gift in everything that arises.

Some benefits of the healthy expression of yin (feminine) energy include:

  • Create a sense of safety and self-acceptance in your body so you can open to receiving
  • Raise low libido and naturally restore energy levels so you’re not too tired to make love
  • Release resentment from overgiving to others by enjoying giving yourself pleasure
  • Cleanse and purify the yoni and heart of negative emotions absorbed from our environment
  • Get out of your head and drop into your body
  • Connect to your essence of being to balance all your doing and activate your
  • Awaken your sexual energy to know yourself to be the Source of your own orgasmic bliss
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to promote better and spontaneous orgasm
  • Activate Kundalini Shakti Life Force Energy to open and balance your chakras
  • Embody Shakti Consciousness as the limitless ocean of emotion, passion and bliss who makes your man feel alive
  • Open your partner’s heart so (s)he can be more loving, empathetic and courageous in his/her own vulnerability

2(b) Yang Solo Tantra

The Yang Solo Practices cultivate and balance the Masculine energy that all of us have regardless of the gender of our bodies. 

It is what enables us to own our desires and take effective action to get what we want and make our dreams a reality.

Some benefits of the healthy expression of yang (masculine) energy include:

  • Transmute pent-up desire into smooth sensuality
  • “Bridle the stallion” of male sexual lust to work for you, not against you
  • Build power, vitality and stamina through the delayed gratification of edging
  • Learn to take pleasure in the journey of tantra vice the destination of orgasm
  • Reclaim sovereignty whilst remaining connected to yin essence
  • Channel Sexual Energy to open the Third Eye for enhanced clarity, focus, direction
  • Embody Shiva Consciousness as the unshakeable presence that transcends life’s vicissitudes
  • Be the Rock for your woman’s oceans of emotions so she feels safe and secure in your arms

3. Availability

We’ve launched our online course Yin Solo Tantra: Pathway to Kundalini Activation. You can enrol into either the self-guided or guided version.

4. How to Book

Book an in-person or online 2 hour Solo Tantric Practice on Nadia’s Calendly.