Experience the extraordinary + cultivate discovery with Nadia Nauss

Transform your life through the modalities of Tantra, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Authentic Life Coaching and Somatic Massage.

Guiding you toward better intimacy

Nadia mentors individuals, couples, and polyamorous partners, guiding them toward better intimacy through holistic practices.

Emotional Release Techniques

Practices aimed at identifying, processing, and releasing stored emotions from the body and mind.

Self-Regulation Methods

Enhancing emotional resilience and mental clarity to fosters a deeper connection with oneself and others.

Restorative Integration

Harmonising the nervous system through meditation, bodywork and nurturing inner peace, resilience, and fulfilment through presence.

Tantric Practices

Exploring presence through breathwork, body scan meditation, tantric rituals, conscious touch, eye gazing, sensory awareness, and embodied movement.

Authentic Relating

Fostering open compassionate communication, honouring diverse relationship dynamics and holding space for your truth to be shared.

Compassionate Communication

Embracing profound connection, empathy, and mutual understanding within yourself and with others.

“Nadia has a remarkable talent for holding a safe space which is charged with such divine energy, that I can only describe my lessons with her as Transcendental.”

Arwen J.

Nelson Bay, NSW Australia