A transformative gateway to unlocking the depths of human connection and inner exploration. Through shared experiences and practices, they foster a sense of community, where individuals can authentically connect, learn, and grow together. 

Women’s Workshops


These gatherings serve as potent catalysts for healing the feminine collective, providing a safe haven for nourishment and growth. Through ancient practices and shared wisdom, women are invited to reclaim their power, honor their essence, and embrace the magic of sisterhood. Gather with us to ignite the ancient wisdom within and awaken the divine feminine within each of us.

Men’s Workshops


Forge your path to masculine empowerment and self-mastery. Dive into the depths of confidence, heart-centered connection, and life purpose, while unraveling the mysteries of intimacy with self and others. Join us as we embark on a transformative journey to unleash your full potential as a man, embracing your strength, passion, and authenticity to become an extraordinary lover and leader in every aspect of life.

Unisex Workshops


Experience the profound significance of gender-inclusive community workshops, where the unique perspectives of both men and women converge to heal collective wounds and foster mutual understanding. Through the reflective mirror of the opposite gender, we embark on a journey of deep introspection and growth, transcending barriers to connection and embracing the richness of our shared humanity. 

“I have completed a number of workshops with Nadia and it is very evident to me that she is leading by example in living her life’s purpose. Nadia is very aware of everybody in the class, creating a space for authenticity, challenge and safety. She holds space for participants with mixed levels of experience and is able to pitch her gift of relatedness to all. Nadia is very inspiring and is a consummate professional.With gratitude!”


Marrickville, NSW