“My workshop experience this time left me feeling empowered, relieved, recharged, and revitalised. I’ve been feeling a sense of joy that is new. It’s like I’ve changed. I was depressed and I think that has gone. My body hasn’t changed but mentally I feel better and more confident and for that I feel grateful to you, your workshop, the space you created, and the participants you brought together. Thank you again for every big and little thing you’ve done. You are really helping me on my journey.”

Graham, Sydney NSW Australia

“I have completed a number of workshops with Nadia and it is very evident to me that she is leading by example in living her life’s purpose. Nadia is very aware of everybody in the class, creating a space for authenticity, challenge and safety. She holds space for participants with mixed levels of experience and is able to pitch her gift of relatedness to all. Nadia is very inspiring and is a consummate professional. With gratitude!”

Louise, Marrickville NSW Australia

“It seems effortless for me to bring warmth, excitement and open-hearted energy into the space and community you are creating.

It feels as simple to me as mirroring what you bring, and the offerings you make for us to question and grow with supported encouragement to be brave and face and work on our individual challenges and healing, no matter how difficult or confronting, because the environment you cultivate is the perfect blend of safe while encouraging us to challenge ourselves to explore and grow.”

Richard, Central Coast NSW Australia

“Nadia – yesterday was magical. I experienced so soo much Love when you touched and embraced me it shook and touched me to my core. It was so beautiful I cried. I still cry now whenever I think about the experience that we had. To me it was just pure Love and Union. I wonder if it’s something that you’re meant to receive as a kid from your mother but I never did. Yesterday when I said I felt awakened I meant I felt that something was awakened within me. You opened and roused something within me that was so beautiful and powerful I still am at a loss for words when I try to describe it… I have noticed some big shift in my being, energy, and expression today too… I am sending so much love and gratitude your way too 🤗 I feel so lucky to have met you.”

Annaki N., Bondi, NSW Australia

“Nadia’s presence is calming and grounding. Her yoga classes are nurturing and invigorating. I love the flow state that she creates in her classes, ticking all the boxes for strength, mobility and restoration. Likewise, having a Lomi-Lomi with Nadia is a beautiful experience, her holistic and intuitive approach makes me feel good, like I’m in expert hands that are filled with care and Aloha – a healing treat for my mind, body and soul!”

Nathalie A., Transformational Coach and Facilitator, Alicante, Spain

“I attended a session with Nadia for an An Mo massage and it was such a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me. I look forward to my next one. Nadia is an amazing practitioner, she is professional and makes her client feel comfortable and confident, I knew I was in safe hands. The massage was a beautiful experience and I felt transformed afterwards. I learnt so much about Tantra and also myself during the session. Nadia has a gift for not only providing what her client needs in the moment but also for making such as sacred and beautiful art easy to connect with. Thank you Nadia for sharing your gift with me.”

Beth P., MacMasters Beach, NSW Australia

“That was seriously the best massage I have ever had!”

Polly W., Umina Beach NSW Australia

“It was the first time I had ever done that class and was blown away by how positively the practice affected me. I thought the class was amazing and I loved that you made it about the people you were with. I also loved that you were adapting to the constant change that we are experiencing. A good sign that your own practice is keeping you so well grounded and positive. I really enjoyed the practice with you, it put me in such a great and receptive place for some time after.”

Vikky M., Willoughby NSW Australia

“Nadia is an awesome instructor – always enjoy her classes & find I can do things I couldn’t do before! Highly recommend.”

Alex W., Kincumber NSW Australia

“That was the best massage I have ever had!”

Jody D., Killcare, NSW Australia

“Nadia is fantastic. Such a great teacher. Very relaxing session with new poses each time.”

Gabrielle, Potts Point NSW Australia

“Not only was it a little unique but the teacher Nadia was very aware of everybody in the class and ensured that they were correctly and safely engaging with the class.”

Neal C., Long Jetty NSW Australia

“That was great! Thank you so much Nadia, I just finished the Hatha class… it was great! So good having you in my lounge room! Loved it! What a gift! 😊”

Lisa S., Killcare NSW Australia

“Thank you so much Nadia – that class was really special. It was great to see you and connect with you even if it was through the screen.”

Leni M., Mosman NSW Australia

“The Tantra Workshop has offered lots of different learning curves about where I needed to work on my inner self and Higher Self. I went with no expectations, no limitations, and totally embraced in the whole process of the day. As a result I have learnt to be more intimate with myself and others, and to let go of fear of who I am and who I am becoming … Being love and experiencing unconditional love with myself, letting go of limiting beliefs I once had and now no longer have … Totally loving people as they are in moment to moment, revealing the truth of who they are.

And when I finished the workshop on Sunday, I walked out a totally different woman. I learnt so much about how we’re all the same, we all have polarities, we all have the same struggles. I was raised to a different vibration energetically and worked with beautiful people who are strangers but yet we came together as fellow humans to better ourselves. And what a great group it was! The vibe of the entire day was amazing… and Nadia was just the best teacher for that whole day and I am more than highly recommending her for future tantras and massages, as a healer and a mentor!”

Erika R., Port Stephens, NSW Australia

“Nadia has a remarkable talent for holding a safe space which is charged with such divine energy, that I can only describe my lessons with her as Transcendental!”

Arwen J., Nelson Bay NSW Australia

“Thank you for yesterday! It was a very transformative experience for me. I can’t even put in words how much happened there for me, in me… I still feel that energy even now. And I have to say that I really felt like a goddess when I was a giver. And I still can’t believe how this event came in the right moment for me. Even the person I ended up doing the massage with. Very very powerful experience. And thank you for being such an amazing guide for us, showing up yourself so raw, vulnerable, sensual, serious but playful too… I can’t believe how much that day changed me and how much I understand now.”

Janka H., Sydney NSW Australia

“Nadia is the single greatest find of the last two years for me. She offers simple and practical solutions to problems that I thought were super complicated before breaking them down with her.

She speaks my language, she holds me accountable and calls me on my bullshit, while simultaneously being supportive, non-judgmental and warm.

She has been more of a life coach to me before cancer and simultaneous pregnancy entered my life and is now heavily being a therapist, and pivoted seamlessly. If you want to see someone for any plethora of reasons, talk to Nadia. She is freaking wonderful.”

Amy G., Bathurst NSW Australia

“This was the best massage I have ever had!”

Steve G., Woollahra, NSW Australia

“Nadia, thank you for your courageous leadership. It was certainly a transformative workshop and spirit was present in the room. I am so glad I made the return trip to join you yesterday.”

Maree, Kiama NSW Australia

“Nadia holds a beautiful sacred space, full of wisdom ready to be shared. Nadia’s grounded and nurturing nature helped me feel at ease, guiding me to dive deep into my own divine sensuality/sexuality. I now have more wonderful tools for my own inner journey, whether to share for myself or with others. Thank you Nadia!”

Nathalie A., Alicante, Spain

“I would highly recommend Nadia for Tantra teaching. She made me feel very safe and comfortable. Her professional, kind manner alongside a beautiful space that was created allowed me to relax into the practices. I enjoyed feeling energies rise and move throughout my body. Thank you!”

Sommer W., Potts Point, NSW Australia

“Nadia created a comfortable and informative practice to introduce us to Tantra. It was a great launchpad for our communication and intimacy. We are excited to learn more!”

Nikki N. and Travis H., Easley, SC, USA

“Nadia approaches all that she does with sincerity, integrity, consistently sharing her wide knowledge with her clients with the highest of intentions in mind.”

Bonnie J., Potts Point, NSW Australia

“Thanks so much – a lovely class with Nadia this morning, completely cleared the mild headache I’ve been sitting with for the last 24 hours.”

Monica K., Potts Point NSW Australia

“Excellent… so skilled and the classes have been varied. It has helped me enormously physically, mentally and emotionally in a safe space.”

Jac M., Kincumber NSW Australia

“It was the most beautiful surprise when Nadia sang and played guitar during our Savasana. Her voice held the space so gently. I’m super grateful for her openness to share that with us.”

Emily A., Kincumber NSW Australia

“Very special – thank you Nadia.”

Sheilagh K., Mosman NSW Australia

“Thank you Nadia. There is so much more than just moving. I appreciate your gentle encouraging – it really makes me improve…. without worry.”

Jac M., Kincumber NSW Australia

“I will miss your classes Nadia and you of course. I will miss your commentary and the feeling I have at the end of a class.”

Karen B., Kincumber, NSW Australia