What is Taoist Tantric Massage?

Taoist tantric massage is a powerful healing full-body massage practice, in which emotional blocks are released and all forms of life force including:

  • yin (passive energy)
  • yang (active energy)
  • qi (energy from food/air/movement)
  • ching (sexual energy)
  • kundalini shakti (primal life force)

are cultivated, circulated, channelled, and regenerated through the bodies of both the giver and the receiver.

It is an embodied practice of applying specific visualisations, breathwork and mantra as you give or receive sensual massage in a moving meditation. This deepens presence by focusing on conscious energy management while responding skillfully to the present moment.

You need not show up feeling any particular way and there certainly is no requirement to feel erotic or sexual on the day. The practice on offer is simply to open nonjudgmentally to what is naturally arising – to focus your attention on flowing your life force energy into an intention of your choosing, whether it be healing, vitality, intimacy or pleasure.

You will be met – and encouraged to meet yourself and your partner – exactly as you are, where you are, with whatever you are experiencing moment to moment. From this place, you will have the opportunity to replenish qi, cultivate sexual energy, circulate it through your body, and as a giver, channel it into the body of another with pure intent. As a receiver you’ll cycle this energy through your body, potentially activating Kundalini Shakti to ascend your central channel through each of your chakras to unite with Shiva, Universal Consciousness – the Divine Union of the Masculine (Yang) and Feminine (Yin) energies.

A wide spectrum of experiences can arise both individually and as the pair you will be working in, including expanded consciousness, increased confidence and attunement, flowstate or trance state, embodied intuition, and cathartic release of repressed emotions for healing and integration. Kundalini activation or controlled rising is experienced by some. Spontaneous, multiple and/or full-body orgasm even without genital touch is also possible as a by-product of these practices but not necessarily the primary intention.

Participants are often deeply touched by the feeling of safety and emotional intimacy in the space. Longer-term practitioners commonly experience profound shifts in their connection to self, other and life through mystical experience; as well as increased creativity and the ability to live with sovereignty and self-actualization because you know yourself to be the Source of your own power.

The practice can also be challenging and confronting for some as it may reveal the cause of deep-seated struggles in intimate relationship. Becoming aware of such patterns is the first step toward healing and growth. Please reach out to the event facilitator if you are unsure if this event is for you.

Big love, Nadia